Below you will find a selection of training articles written by TMR coaching which you can apply to help your training.

How to Get Better at Running Uphill

Running hills well takes a certain mentality and skill set. Use this progression to develop your uphill strength and speed.

How to Train for Downhill Running

We all know we can make up significant time if we improve our descending, but what’s the healthiest way to train for technical running?

How Mental Preparation Saved this Runner’s UTMB

When disaster hit early in the race, this runner was prepared. Here’s how having a mental plan can safeguard your race no matter what happens.

Case Study: Applying Sports Science to a Workout

See how one coach applies sports-science research to keep workouts fresh—and how you can interpret data to do the same with your own.

Trail Running Magazine: 22 Ways to Get Faster

Recent article featuring advice from TMR Coaching's Doug Stewart


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