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I would be a prime example of a 'total beginner' that had the crazy idea they could take on a triathlon.  Doug has helped me every step of the way.  He is professional, encouraging and very knowledgeable.  His feedback after every workout is detailed and he is always on hand to offer advice and words of wisdom. He has helped me achieve a podium finish and another top 10 finish which was way above my expectations, and even beat my Dad! I am looking forward to all the forthcoming challenges I have set myself, mainly because I know I have great support behind me.

I recommend TMR coaching, without hesitation.

Sophie - Triathlete

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I've been working with Doug for over 9 months to coach me and help improve my trail running and mountain running race performances. He coached me to my first 50 mile ultramarathon and first mountain ultramarathon. I found Doug's training philosophy to be exciting in comparison with the standard online training plans, as we would be doing more regular analysis of data to make the programme more specific, and adapt as my fitness levels changed. I finished the training feeling fitter and more prepared for a race than ever before, and as a result placed 9th in my first race of over 600 competitors and 6th in my mountain ultra.

Whilst Doug has the necessary qualifications to "do the job" he also has the relevant experience that makes me feel he is the right coach for me, and can pull from personal experiences to help me learn - I probably used WhatsApp too many times during the process to ask seemingly simple questions, but nothing felt like too much trouble for Doug to explain and support me, giving me extra confidence - this included nutrition, pacing, training queries, shoe reviews and all sorts more! I will continue to use him and his knowledge for years to come and look forward to seeing where we can take my training levels to.

James - Ultra Runner


I approached Doug about trail running and ultra running coaching as he had a demonstrable track record with his own racing - over multiple distances & disciplines.  My aim was to run my first ultra-marathon having picked the bug up doing a challenge with a friend. Right from the start the training has been balanced and reflected my personal challenges - having to account for a busy job and also recently getting married & being away for our honeymoon.

Doug was always quick to reply to data or questions, always taking feedback on board. The ability to interact and adapt the training was a massive help. I have years of sport experience with more than a few historic injuries, however we've achieved a 6 month timeframe with little/ no injury - and building up to a max of 100K running within 1 week. I was also able to race with confidence and exceed my goal time and placing. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Doug to any of my friends.

Adam - Ultra Runner

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I’ve been working with Doug for 12 months after deciding to finally follow a long held desire to take part in an Ironman.  I had decided on Wales, well known as one of the toughest courses in the calendar simply (and naively) because I love Tenby.  Doug's triathlon coaching approach started from the basics, assessing existing experience, self perceived strengths and weaknesses and any ‘unmoveables’ in my life such as work and family.

Before I opted to work with Doug, I spent time speaking to a number of coaches, what made the decision for me was Dougs’ style, he has a quiet, unassuming manner, spoke with an authority and form a position of authority, having undertaken some of the toughest multi sport events in the world, along with an impressive resume of ultra races.

My training previously has been of the ‘miles and hours’ variety, Doug began by a series of fitness assessments which he used to develop my weaknesses in order to ensure I reach the start line as a confident, well rounded athlete.  He has built duration, intensity and frequency in my workouts whilst considering family commitments, an impressive feat given how challenging my non-sporting life was in the build up to Wales.

I completed Wales in a little over 12 hours, making my target time, I put the credit for this on Doug, he has coached, educated and challenged me continuously, as a result of working with Doug, I am a more intelligent triathlete and have developed skills which I now use daily in my everyday life to deal with challenges and unforeseen problems.

I will, without doubt continue to work with Doug for the coming years, for me, my client / coach relationship is providing me with more than an improved level of fitness and for that reason, I cannot recommend Doug as a coach highly enough.

Ian - Ironman Athlete - Ironman Coaching


Since my initial conversations with Doug, I have to say that I have found TMR Coaching and absolutely outstanding company to deal with.  We discussed my running goals along with my current running schedule and how I could take it forward into a new plan.

Not only this but Doug took the time to write out and video some tests for me to perform so we could work out my strengths and weaknesses.  This then allowed him to work on a specific strength and conditioning routine that would enable me to improve on my weaknesses as a runner and ultimately, improve form and efficiency.

In the time of working with Doug, I have achieved PB's across 4 different distances (4 miles, 10k, half marathon and marathon) along with various other great performances in other events along the way.

I would highly recommend TMR Coaching to anyone looking to improve their running and are looking to take themselves to the next level.

Andy - Competitive Club Runner - Marathon Coaching


I used Doug as a coach with the aim to improve my half marathon time prior to an off-road race. The training programme he provided was progressive and well-constructed with what I felt were the right mix of hard and recovery sessions for my age and base fitness level.

After I uploaded each training session he provided me with positive feedback and adjusted future training sessions depending upon how I performed on the previous event. It was good to have that level of personal service, rather then a programme which I couldn’t adjust. The diary invite reminders also motivated me to get out and train! During the training I constantly set new personal bests on strava from 400m to 10miles, and during the half marathon race itself. I will be using Doug as my coach to improve my marathon times next season.

Ruaraidh - Half Marathon Coaching

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